Market 240: Sprint 750B 08689 on wires!

Update February 3 2016: This car has come back on the eBay market out of New York.  It’s sold as a car with one owner for over 30 years – but I think that can be said for many many Giuliettas that come on the market – even mine!  Interesting counterpoint to the Sprint out of Mexico I wrote about yesterday.

s-l1600 (3)

Bravo on a nice picture.  I like the new yellow headlamps.  I’m still at odds with the wire wheels.  We’ll see how much value the clover leaf stickers and headlamps add.

Update January 12 2012: I have it on good word that this car has been sold.

Update January 7 2012:  The time they are a changin’ for our favorite little coupe.  Just 18 months ago this 750B Sprint 08689 struggled to reach $25,000 on eBay, and now, today it is listed for $64,500 by Fantasy Junction with a big ‘Sale Pending’ sign under it.  It looks amazing in the photos, and with a two liter engine should be a blast to drive, but this price for an Abnormale?  I guess.

A little wide in the stance with these wire wheels.  Attention to detail is impressive, as is the coat of shine.

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Market 533: Mexico Sprint 07413 on SF Bay area CL

Giulietta Sprint 750B 07413.  This Sprint is on my local Craigslist.  Has all the hallmarks of a survivor from Mexico… redone but totally deviating from original interior.  Odd components in the engine compartment and probably a black 80’s cassette deck.  Asking price is $38,000.  One needs to see this in person checking carefully for filler.


Looks like a Sprint.  I can’t tell if the sill trim is missing or just nor original.  No wipers.  

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Market 532: Giulia Spider Veloce 390662

Update January 22 2016: 1 bid buys the car at the opening price of $69,900.  I wonder if the seller actually let it go?  Sounded like they were into it for much more than that.  A lot of guys would like to see this Spider model get expensive ($100K+), but I just haven’t seen it yet.

completed auction

January 8 2016: Giulia Spider Veloce 10118*390662.  This super clean example of a late Spider Veloce is on eBay right now.  It has a blank factory replacement engine that is said to be built to 00121 spec, though it would be hard to verify this.  The seller quotes a survivor-ship of 1965 built cars as 150 – 350 out of 801, not sure where this number comes from.  Asking price is $109,000 buy it now, with a $69,900 opening bid – probably not a bad deal at the low end of this range if all the work quoted was done to the standard it looks to have been done to.  Too bad about the original engine though.

s-l1600 (4)

Milano plate I believe.  Very nicely put together restoration.  Another red one…  Continue reading

Market 531: 101 Spider Normal 168828 at auction

Giulietta Spider 10103 168828.  This car is being auctioned by BVA auctions right now.  Looks like a decent starting point if a project is your thing and you are in Western Europe.  Opening bid is 19,000 Euro – not ridiculous.  Might be the kind of project where you can assemble it, get it running and enjoy it for a while before really digging in.  I suppose that depends mostly on the health of the engine.


Body looks pretty good.  Seats appear to be Fiat 850 items.  I like the little marker lights.  Door shut line is great.  

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Looking for an early Sprint 750B near me for photos

I’m working on a project for the site that requires a lot of really detailed photos of an early Sprint 750B (54 – 58).  Anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area have a car I can come take a bunch of photos of and care to help out?  It need not run or even be fully together.  Ideally I’d get to take pictures of a few.

Free access to all my posts if you help out.

Oh wait… they are already free.  Oh well.  Lots of gratitude then!



Like this… only I get to take them!