Market 513: 1956 Sprint 02586 in Spain

Giulietta 750B 1493*02586, 1315*02411.  Update October 3 2015: You all can thank Marco of SquadraAlfaRomeoMadeira fame for getting more pictures and info on this car. The condition of this car is just right for my taste in cars, having a light patina, but being very presentable.  Marco didn’t get a price for me.  I have to wonder how many early Sprints are surviving at this point since there are half a dozen or more on the market right now.  Are there any others on the market I missed?

October 1 2015: More of an SOS than anything.  Any of you kind readers who is fluent in Spain Spanish care to inquire about this car for me?  Maybe get the vin and engine numbers, a picture or two more?  They have a regular website but of course this car is not on it.  Thanks!


Bertone red at this point is a pretty deep and kind of old-world looking compared to Pininfarina red with its hint of orange.  Small headlights really change the character of the front.

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Market 507: 1957 Spider Veloce 750F*01970 at Fantasy Junction

Update October 2 2015:  I took the day off work to do some really fun stuff like go to a Dr. appointment and get my daily VW oil changed and smogged, and I was rolling by FJ and thought – hey, why not, and stopped in.  I gotta say, this car is REALLY nice in person.  Spencer told me it looks like it’s probably sold, but like Indiana Jones, in the opening of Raiders of the Lost Ark, you could probably swoop in and grab your hat before the door gets all the way down.  Commendable restoration for sure.


If you licked it, it might taste like cherry or watermelon jolly rancher candy.

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*01970, 1315*32969.  This car is available from Fantasy Junction in Emeryville Ca for $145,000.  I get asked most often if I know of any 1957 Spider Veloce’s for sale – well, here is one!  Car looks very well restored, though I’m sure there is one or two of you right now seething at some incorrect minutiae.  The engine number is not in the correct range (1315*30267 – 30761) for this year car, but as I commented* on my “What year…” post (see below), Veloce engines blew up and were replaced.  This old post has a discussion of what it may mean.  The restorer did us a favor and stamped a new build plate with the number for the engine in the car – that won’t cause any confusion in 50 years.

spider front

Looking good – has that wet lollipop sheen that somehow triggers heightened desire.  I have worked on a lot of these cars, I can tell you it is an astonishing amount of work to get to this point from a bare shell in need of rust repair (not saying this needed rust repair – just that its a ton of work to get a car together from a shell to yum).

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Market 514: Sprint 750B 00356 in Indonesia

Giulietta Sprint 750B 1493*00356.  Listed on Anamera out of Indonesia.  I thought I saw this car out of US east coast on eBay at one point.  Maybe the eBay seller was really in Indonesia?  It’s early and it’s rough, but it is not hopeless…


If it was local I’d go have a look for sure.  Looks to have been well used, but left too long in the rain.  Should have the short windshield?

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Market 512: Minty early Sprint 750B 00977 in Italy

Giulietta 750B 1493*00977, 1315*01023, Body 65970.  Yesterday I was really excited about Sprint 00656, today I am, if possible, more excited about Sprint 00977 available form the same seller.  I’m more of a green guy than a red guy, and this car just looks right to me.  I realize it probably has some originality deficiencies that someone with more authority than me will point out, but thats okay, I’d take it just as it is.  I have seen 3 sub-1000 Sprints come on the market in the last few weeks, must be a virus that’s going around.

Anyone near enough to go verify the body number and give us a test drive or in-person review?


That is a great car in a great color.  I wonder how original it was before the restoration?  Looks to have rolled lip rims still.  Even has the neat little turn signal lights and jack point covers.

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Market 511: Sprint 750B 00656 in Italy

Giulietta Sprint 750B 1493*00656, 1315*00648, Body 65650.  Available now out of Italy from Aquarama boats and cars.  Their site is under construction, I found it on Anamera.  This is one of the neatest (in my opinion) cars I’ve had the pleasure to write about in a long time.  If circumstances were different I’d be emailing Italy all excited, ready to hop on a plane.  Early Sprints seldom come up for sale, and when they do, they tend to be in a pretty rough state.  This car looks ready to go.


I have only seen a handful of Giuliettas on offer over the years that included period pictures.  Super cool!  Sill trim below the door is missing. Continue reading

Market 431: Sprint 750B 06395 -much assembly required

Update October 1 2015: Available now from Joop Stolze.

Giulietta Sprint 750B 493*06395, 1315*05812 & 00112*15344.  This car appears to be offered by ReOriginal’s on eBay out of Livingston TX.  Car is very much where the project I am currently working on is -lots to do!  Paint is 10 years old but shines, interior work looks pretty good and it comes with an extra engine.  No mention is made whether all the trim etc comes with the car.  This is a rare car in that it’s one of the last 750B Normale’s -the last 200 750 ‘eyebrow’ grill Sprints were Veloce’s.

But do the original parts include bumper, ‘eyebrow’ grills, headlights with rings, hood center strip and front center grill?  Looks pretty nice here.  You can buy those bumper bracket trim bits new from several vendors.

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Market 463: SS 10120 00379 -nice since new

Update September 30 2015: Symbolic has listed this car again.  Interesting that it has failed to find a permanent (on the human scale) home. Asking price is now $189,000.  I wonder if the seller from 2013 just decided to hang on to it.


Sex sells no?  I know, we’ll ad $60,000 to the price and take a picture with a dame.

Update April 20 2013: This car was listed on Anamera for $129,000 so I guess that must have been the sale price.

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 8.53.32 PM

Expect it to sell then be auctioned this summer.

Update March 4 2013: I changed the text a bit as it’s not a Giulietta in the period photo.  Still a cool shot though.

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10117/10120*00379, 00120*00769.  This very nice example was at some point listed by Symbolic Motors -it’s on a photo aggregation page and credited to them. If anyone has more info I’d love to hear more about this car.


This car circa 1961?  Can’t be… it’s a Giulia.

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