Market 416: Spider 10103 09100 project

Update 8/19/2015:  This car is back on the market after having some work done.  The body is better than it probably bought to be considering the snowy woodpile it spent several years associating with.  What is a restored LWB Normal of this vintage worth these days?  $50K?  $60K?  $20K?  I don’t really know -haven’t been paying enough attention, but this doesn’t seem like a bad deal at $12,500, but you probably need to be near by and fancy a challenging project.  Perhaps a garage endeavor to work on in your retirement?  Be aware, last I checked, there were not too many places willing to take on metal replacement.

$_57 (1)

Update 7/1/12: This car sold for $10,201.  The saga continues!

Giulietta Spider 10103 1495*09100Projects are in fashion, and this rough around the edges interim car is riding the wave on eBay right now.  It’s not too bad, not too good, just your usual needs everything project.  If you jump now it could be yours -current bidding is a paltry $7350.  Summer is upon us!

Busted in the nose, but trim unharmed, with lots of weird corrosion.  Looks neither good nor bad -just a but rough.  There’s a bit of corrosion in the rocker visible here.

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Market 501: SS 381151 at Fantasy Junction “POA”

Giulia Sprint Speciale 10121*381151, 00121*01052.  Fantasy Junction, a respectable local to me seller of high end sports cars has this SS listed in their inventory, price: POA.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen them use this pricing convention – maybe it has something to do with last weekends rigmarole in Monterey and they didn’t want to be caught out if pricing moved in leaps due to an auction result.  I didn’t make it to Monterey – opting rather to hang out with my dad.  Any big Giulietta sales go down?


That is a great color on an SS.  So tempted to make an unflattering comment about Toyota dark metallic gray – better let it go though.  This car sits well, everything is where it belongs, and I am excited to go check it out in person – maybe they will let me test drive – who knows.  Anyone have POA I can borrow?

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Market 148: Cobra-ized early 750 Spider

Update 8/18/2015:  As yet finding it difficult to find a human whose tastes align with its character, this Giulietta Spider continues to float from mark-up to mark-up (I would have thought mark-down to mark-down -but who am I to speculate).  Buy it now on eBay for $37,900 and be eschewed by Alfa owners, Cobra owners and those who aren’t comfortable in the presence of this much yellow.  I mentioned in the last update that the clock was ticking toward a time when it would be an attractive value proposition to take this car back towards stock.  That clock is still ticking.


How hard could it be to lose the black?  

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta turns 100!

No, that title is not a typo, and this post is not from 39 years in the future, but it is about the future.  I have been having a lot of conversations about technology, especially self driving cars lately, and this post is in reaction to those conversations, and anticipates / explores that topic through a possible experiential evolution of my Sprint ownership.

An early SS advertising photo.

An early SS advertising photo.  The first picture I posted to this blog 7+ years ago.

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My Sprint part 3 – What the heck have I been doing etc

First, I want to thank all you who have written me emails encouraging me to get back to writing the blog. I really appreciate the concern. No, this site will not die, no, I haven’t given up on it forever. After Fuelist fizzled out I needed to take a break from cars for a minute, but now I am feeling inclined to get back at it – especially considering I am weeks if not days from being reunited with my Sprint. Being a dad and fulltime engineer (again) has made heavy demands on my time, but no so much that I can’t contribute here once in a while.

So, that out of the way, here are some pictures of the work that has been done to my Sprint. Engine is looking phenomenal as is the engine compartment. I highly recommend Toms work if you are considering having someone work on your Sprint, Giulietta, or Alfa in general.


Almost a shame to cover this up with an engine.


Unless it’s this engine.  Yep – that’s a programmable distributor I got from


That spin on filter came with the car.  Headers are 1600 Giulia items.


Bling has been liberally applied.

Market 500: Late Sprint Veloce project E159104

Giulietta Sprint 10106 ARE159104, 1315*42314 (not matching, from a 750D Spider).  This car is on eBay right now from the same seller as the two Spider projects concurrently listed out of Connecticut.  Matching number 00106 engine is missing, and it needs a lot of help, but these late Sprint Veloces seldom show up in any form for sale.  I know they guy who bought this on Craigslist about 10 years ago out of the Mojave desert area – assuming this is the only Sprint Veloce in this paint scheme of course.  As usual, it’s a Sprint project and I find myself tempted.  Not the best group of pictures I’ve had to work with.


Not the only metallic purple Sprint I’ve seen, but yes, the only one with white Vikings style swooshes.  Looks like a steering column switch gear sticking out on the right, and a control arm part on the left.  You could live with these grills.  I’d be kind of tempted to get it going and drive it with this livery for a while. Continue reading